Monday, February 23, 2015

2 Years Old!!

I am so behind on blogging but this is my quick attempt at catching a few major life events.  First, our little baby boy is now TWO YEARS OLD!!  As he says, he's a "daydeee" (baby)!  What a little love he is!  So sweet, funny, kind, sensitive, and just a perfect addition to our family!

Samuel was 35 lbs. at his two year appointment!  Big boy!  He loves to climb, run, jump, read books, dance, cuddle, give kisses (usually), play with Annie, put on his Crocs by himself (then promptly take them off as soon as he goes outside), hide from Caleb, watch "Ooo Ooo Ahh Ahh" (Curious George), and so much more.  His favorite foods are fruits, especially bananas, anything sweet, cheese, "eee too"s (Cheetos), avocados, yogurt, cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, green beans, frozen peas, and "nacks".  He's not quite as adventurous of an eater as Caleb was at this age, but he still eats a wide range of foods and is sometimes willing to try new things.  He always dislikes white potatoes and rice.

At two years of age, Samuel doesn't say much.  Now, at 26 months, he has gained a TON of words!  At our pediatrician's request, we had ECI come out to evaluate him and although he was, in fact, behind in his expressive language, his receptive language was way above age level so he was denied for services.  Samuel can follow multi-step directions and can understand all we say.  He is GREAT at acting out what he wants, pointing, showing facial expressions, etc. so he really rarely gets frustrated at his lack of expressive language.  Just recently he has begun to put two word phrases together spontaneously, calling everything "mine" (even "Mama mine" while hugging my leg - so cute!), requesting specific books, pointing out things in pictures of books using words, etc.

To celebrate his special day, we decorated our home with tons of fun Curious George decorations!  Mommy took Samuel to The Woodlands Children's Museum to play for a special treat and we had pizza and chocolate cake for dinner!  We had a small celebration with our small (large) group when we all got together for Thanksgiving and in Brenham for Thanksgiving as well.  Mommy and Daddy bought Samuel a toy vacuum (he LOVES our big vacuum ... as long as it's not on with the brush running) and Caleb picked out a new toy guitar.

Samuel, we are so in love with you sweet boy!  You are the perfect fit for us.  God is good!  Caleb, Mommy, and Daddy can't wait to see how you grow and change!

Thanksgiving in Brenham with cousins Luke, Noah, and Mallory

Mmmm!!  Chocolate cake is delicious!

Sammy LOVES pizza! 

His favorite spot at The Children's Museum - the Firetruck! 

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